Pierce County Refuse Values


We recognize the importance of our continuing efforts to minimize our impact on the environment by encouraging materials’ recycling and reuse; using waste to generate clean, renewable energy; reducing our carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels; and exploring alternatives to landfill disposal. Pierce County Refuse’s sustainability efforts extend beyond the environment; we also measure the positive impacts we have on the communities we serve and the development and welfare of our employees.

As an environmental services company servicing the South Sound of beautiful Washington State, sustainability is not a new concept for us. Over the years we have been increasing the volume of recyclable material that we shift away from the waste stream. Our recycling efforts recover valuable materials for reuse, and include the composting of organic materials for reuse as a soil amendment.

We deploy route optimization software and work to retrofit our existing equipment, lowering our overall carbon footprint. Everything we do today is with an eye towards the future. We constantly monitor and evaluate new technologies and programs that can enhance our commitment to the environment and improve our competitive positioning. Within our industry, these changes have historically been evolutionary in nature, but there is an enormous effort currently being made in alternative technologies to reduce landfill disposal, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and harness bio-fuels. Environmental, organizational and financial sustainability initiatives have been key components of our success since our founding. We remain committed to growing and expanding these efforts as our industry and technology continue to evolve.

Pierce County Refuse Operating Values

Embracing our corporate values, we strive to maintain a culture where SAFETY, SERVICE, INTEGRITY and a REWARDING WORK ENVIRONMENT are woven into the fabric of our daily operations through TEAM work and clear relevant objectives. BY embracing these core values, we expect to retain an excellent TEAM, provide an acceptable return to our stakeholders, and provide unsurpassed service to our customers.


We embrace safe practices in all that we do. We strive to maintain an environment where safety practices, processes, and results are the product of continuously reviewing and improving our procedures and skills. We believe that a safe work environment is an on-going endeavor and part of our day to day lives.


We operate in regulated and competitive markets and thus must provide unsurpassed quality service to both our internal and external customers that we have the privilege to serve. We strive to build on our growth and reputation as a high quality service provider, by having the best trained, most professional, highly dedicated TEAM of Professional Drivers, Operators, Mechanics, and support staff possible. Our TEAM takes pride in a job well done.


We strive to uphold the highest standards of conduct and integrity. We continuously strive to do the right things, for the right reason. We value our reputation and work to insure that a promise make is a promise kept.


We strive to be the best example of any Waste Connections company as a “Great Place to Work”. We recognize that our success depends on a TEAM of dedicated, highly trained professionals. By maintaining a sincere, mutual respect for each other, providing a safe work environment, and recognizing performance excellence, we encourage each member of our TEAM to achieve their highest potential. Our goal is to have each one of our TEAM Members achieve their personal goals and enjoy their jobs at Pierce County Refuse.