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You can count on Waste Connections to provide reliable garbage collection at your business. We provide a range of container sizes and service schedules to match your needs and budget.

Rear load containers are designed for use in residential areas where space is tight and for small sized businesses with restricted space. Available is sizes 1cy, 1.5cy and 2cy. Suggested use may include small office, apartment complex or bank.

Front load dumpsters are designed for small to large size commercial customers. Available sizes range from 1cy to 6cy. Suggested use may include repair shop, church, restaurant or gas station.

Dumpster enclosures may be required by code in your area or used for security reasons. It is critical that our equipment has the available space for storing and servicing the dumpster as well as space for our commercial vehicle to maneuver. We are able to help with the design of your enclosure and have a simple enclosure guide to help with the process.

Waste Connections brings the best recycling options for your business. It is as simple as placing all your mixed recycling items in one bin. Let us help you determine the best size container and start recycling today so you can demonstrate to your customers how your are a save on garbage fees.

All multi-family complexes are part of the Pierce County recycling program that we facilitate in your area. Each unit it charged a flat fee and we deliver the best mixed recycling program for you residents.

A recycling program adds value to your business and your residents; all who have come to expect recycling services. We can help with an audit to make sure you have the best value. Give us a call to request a site visit.

Additional resources about recycling can be found at Pierce County – Recycle and Reduce Waste

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