LeMay Pierce County Refuse


About Us

The LeMay family of companies was founded in 1942 by Harold E. LeMay. The LeMay family owned and operated the Company for sixty-six (66) years.

In November 2008, we joined the Waste Connections family. Waste Connections is an integrated solid waste services company that provides solid waste collection, transfer, disposal and recycling services in mostly secondary markets across the United States. The Company serves more than 2 million residential, commercial and industrial customers in 29 states. We also provide intermodal services for the movement of solid waste and cargo containers in the Pacific Northwest.

Operating Values

Embracing our corporate values, we strive to maintain a culture where SAFETY, SERVICE, INTEGRITY and a REWARDING WORK ENVIRONMENT are woven into the fabric of our daily operations through TEAM work and clear relevant objectives. BY embracing these core values, we expect to retain an excellent TEAM, provide an acceptable return to our stakeholders, and provide unsurpassed service to our customers.


We embrace safe practices in all that we do. We strive to maintain an environment where safety practices, processes, and results are the product of continuously reviewing and improving our procedures and skills. We believe that a safe work environment is an on-going endeavor and part of our day to day lives.


We strive to uphold the highest standards of conduct and integrity. We continuously strive to do the right things, for the right reason. We value our reputation and work to insure that a promise make is a promise kept.


We operate in regulated and competitive markets and thus must provide unsurpassed quality service to both our internal and external customers that we have the privilege to serve. We strive to build on our growth and reputation as a high quality service provider, by having the best trained, most professional, highly dedicated TEAM of Professional Drivers, Operators, Mechanics, and support staff possible. Our TEAM takes pride in a job well done.

Work Environment

We strive to be the best example of any Waste Connections company as a “Great Place to Work”. We recognize that our success depends on a TEAM of dedicated, highly trained professionals. By maintaining a sincere, mutual respect for each other, providing a safe work environment, and recognizing performance excellence, we encourage each member of our TEAM to achieve their highest potential. Our goal is to have each one of our TEAM Members achieve their personal goals and enjoy their jobs at Pierce County Refuse.

Carts for Kids

The Waste Connections family of companies is committed to improving the environment and giving back to the communities we are fortunate enough to serve. Locally we are known as Murrey’s Disposal and LeMay Pierce County Refuse. In coordination with Pierce County, we are proud to announce our partnership with Multicare to spread awareness about Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.
It’s simple, as a customer of Waste Connections, you can donate $200 to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and our team replaces your existing recycle cart with a purple cart. Waste Connections will continue to service your recycling as usual in your purple cart, while showing your support for Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. Helping kids and recycling – what could be better?

Pierce County Refuse in the Community

Pierce County Refuse is committed to giving back to our immediate and extended communities. We realize how important it is to positively impact our communities and consider our involvement as a vital part of our sustainability as a company. Just as we aspire to be united as a company to achieve our goals, we believe this philosophy should also be applied to our local communities. Our team is involved in community events and charitable giving because we know it helps make Pierce County a great place to live, work, and play!