Food/Yard Waste Disposal

Keeping your home free of yard debris and food waste is essential for any homeowner. Yard and food waste removal also has a positive impact on the environment. Pierce County Refuse offers yard and food waste pickup for our local communities. We offer one-time yard waste removal and regular yard waste pickup depending on how frequently you need us.

Food/Yard Waste Disposal

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Collect your organic waste in the bin

Food/yard waste pickup

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Food/yard waste removal

Our team collects your yard and food waste, turning it into useful resources

Food/Yard Waste Service with LeMay Pierce County Refuse

Food/Yard Waste Service

You will receive a 95-gallon wheeled cart when you subscribe to yard waste service. Yard waste is collected every other week. Enter your address in "My Schedule" above to find out which week to set out your cart.

If you can eat it or grow it in your yard, we can compost it. Acceptable items include grass clippings, leaves, shrubs, weeds, flowers, plants, fruit, veggies, coffee grounds, filters, tea bags, meat, poultry, seafood, eggshells, bread, and rice. Branches, brush, and roots must be less than 4 inches in diameter.

Unacceptable items include pizza boxes, items labeled as compostable, plastic bags, paper plates, paper cups, paper towels and napkins, dirt, rocks, cardboard, garbage, and noxious weeds (such as black berry bushes). Maximum weight 250 lbs.

Extra yard waste should be placed next to your container in untied, paper bags. Additional fees will be charged for each extra bag.

Food/Yard Waste

When Pierce County Refuse picks up your organic waste, we’re able to improve the environment in the towns and cities we serve. In fact, we compost your yard and food debris and use it to enrich the soil. Get started with food and yard waste removal today. Call us or fill out our request a food/yard waste removal quote form to speak with one of our professionals.

If you can eat it or grow it in your yard, we can compost it.
Just put it in the bin and let us pick it up.

Acceptable Yard Waste-

Grass clippings





Coffee grounds




Tea bags








*Branches, brush and roots must be less than 4 inches in diameter

Unacceptable Yard Waste-

Pizza Boxes

Items labeled as compostable

Plastic bags

Paper plates

Paper cups

Paper towels and napkins





Noxious weeds (such as blackberry bushes)


Food/Yard Waste

Residuos de Alimentos y Jardinería

Benefits of Choosing Us

Benefits of Food/Yard Waste Pickup

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Minimize the necessity for landfill visits
Food/yard waste removal is convenient because it reduces the need for trips to the landfill. Our highly trained staff does all the heavy lifting for you.
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Mitigates potential dangers
Removing waste for your yard also reduces the risk of hazards. During the summer, dried yard debris creates a fire risk. Additionally, piles of yard debris attract rodents and other pests like mosquitos.
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Guarantees your yard looks attractive
Everybody loves a well-manicured lawn, but that takes time and effort. In the end, all the branches and piles of leaves need to go somewhere. Yard waste pickup ensures that your yard is aesthetically pleasing.
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Benefits for community
Food/yard waste pickup benefits the community by diverting millions of pounds of organic waste from landfills annually through composting.
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