Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make changes to my account?

Please call 253-875-5053 or email your local office to make any changes. Do not write the change on your bill or give the information to your driver.​

Where can I get more information about recycling?

Call your local office, or 1-800-RECYCLE or go online to:​.

Can I leave a message when the office is closed?

Yes, our local office has voicemail and email options for after hours communications. We will contact you the next business day.​

Why was I charged for extras?

Additional charges apply if your cart is overflowing or if you have anything next to your cart. You are charged according to the size of cart, which means the lid must be closed to avoid extra charges. If your cart is regularly overflowing, you may need to increase your level of service. Bags, boxes, or other items that are too close to the cart may be taken as extra. If you do not want it picked up, keep it away from the cart to avoid confusion. ​

Why has my pick up time changed?

To guarantee pick up, please have your cart at the road by 6:00am on your service day. Though our drivers try to pick up at the same time each week this is not always possible.

What happens if my cart is missed?

Depending upon the circumstances; weather, construction, parked cars etc. our drivers may not always be able to access your cart. Should this occur, notify our office immediately 253-875-5053 or We will help resolve the service issue.​

Can I stop my service while I am on vacation?

Most residential service can be placed on vacation hold while some commercial accounts cannot as you are paying for the rental of the container. Please contact our local office to determine whether or not your service can be placed on hold 253-875-5053 or

What can I put in my commingle recycle cart?

Newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper, magazines, plastic bottles, plastic jugs, tin cans and aluminum cans. Please do not put pizza boxes, plastic tubs, bags, jars, juice boxes/pouches, or waxed cardboard into your recycle cart.​

Why can’t I recycle glass in my comingle recycle cart?

​Glass will break during collection and contaminate other items such as paper and cardboard. Glass can damage equipment and cause injury to employees during the sort process. Overall, this reduces the recyclability of paper and increases processing and disposal costs.

What should I do with recyclables that won’t fit in the cart?

​Items left outside the cart will not be collected. Recyclables can be taken to a recycling station near you throughout the county. For a list of recycling locations call 1-800-RECYCLE or go online to Pierce County Recycle & Reduce Waste.

How can I pay my invoice?

​Invoices can be set up for reoccurring or one-time payments through our online bill pay system located here. Payments can also be made by phone, in person at our office or through the mail. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What is my billing frequency?

​In some areas, we bill two months in advance. If your account was started in the middle of a billing cycle, you may have been billed for three months. Your future bills will only be for two months. Depending upon where you live and the type of service you have you may be billed monthly or bimonthly.

What are the charges for Recycle Program Adjustment and Value of Recyclables on my bill?

The Recycle Program Adjustment is the portion of the garbage rate that is allocated to the recycle program. The Value of Recyclables is the average value of the recycle materials collected from recycle customers, it is adjusted annually and can be a credit or a charge.​

Why am I being charged for recycling when I don’t recycle?

In 1989 the state mandated that all residents would pay for the recycle program. This was passed in the form of the “Waste Not Washington Bill”.​

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