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Let us help you choose the right size service for your home. It is our goal to provide quality and cost-effective garbage collection to every customer we service.

Three Great Sizes

95 Gallon Approx. 5-7 kitchen garbage bags
65 Gallon Approx. 4-5 kitchen garbage bags
35 Gallon Approx. 2-3 kitchen garbage bags

Residential Cart Service Information

LeMay Pierce County Refuse has a number of “service” related rules that are based on our need to collect refuse in a Safe manner.

Should you cart need to be replaced or repaired, contact our Customer Service Department and we will arrange to have the cart exchanged.

The following items are not allowed in your residential cart: dirt, rocks, concrete, sod, hot ashes or hazardous waste. The Waste Wizard on our web homepage is a helpful tool for your questions about disposal of specific items.

Below is a list of basic service information:

  • All garbage should be placed in secure bags before placed in the cart or as extra on ground.

    Bagging all waste will reduce litter from flying out of your cart and keep your cart in much cleaner condition. Due to safety precautions, we will not service extra waste if it is not bagged.

  • Carts need to be placed within 5 feet of the drivable road.

    The mechanical arm on the truck will not reach any further than 5 feet. If your cart is beyond the reach of the truck we will not be able to empty it. We offer Carry and Drive-in Service for those who with an alternate location for their carts. Please contact our Customer Service Department for more information.

  • Carts should be placed with opening toward the road.

    The mechanical arm lift the cart straight up in the air and tips it upside down. Contents will fall into the truck without being restricted by the lid. If material is jammed inside the cart it may restrict the flow of the garbage.

  • Carts need to have 3 feet clearance on all sides of the container.

    Vehicles, mailboxes and fences are the most common obstructions. It is not safe to service the cart if there are items that can be struck by the truck. In most cases, our team will relocate to a safe location for service so that you know where to place the cart on your next service day.

  • Carts should have the lid completely closed when placed at the road for service.

    Additional charges apply when the cart is overfilled or waste is placed on the side of the container. If you have additional bags of waste it can be placed on the ground next to the cart and the charges will be assessed on your next invoice. We also offer temporary dumpsters in case you have a project to complete – please visit our dumpster page.

  • Carts need to be at the roadway by 6am on your service day.

    There is an additional charge to have the driver return. Our Drivers try to service their routes the same from week to week, however, there are occasions when the drivers are required to make adjustments and as a result may arrive earlier or later than you are used to. (if your cart was out by 6am and was not serviced, please notify our office the next day so that arrangements can be made).

We care about a cleaner environment and are increasing our efforts to make recycling in your area easier and more convenient. Let us help you save money on your garbage service.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Find out what you can recycle
  2. Collect your empty and clean recyclables
  3. Toss your items in the cart and wheel to the road every other week

Additional resources about recycling can be found at Pierce County – Recycle and Reduce Waste

Our yard waste service is the answer to all your landscaping needs. Just put it in the bin and let us pick it up.

Simple Guidelines

Grass Clippings
Rocks, Pebbles, Sand or Dirt
Food Waste,
Noxious Weeds,
Bricks, Glass, Metal
Dog or Cat Waste
Plywood, Lumber, Fencing

At Waste Connections we have options for a one-time haul or ongoing service. We have the right size dumpster for what ever your needs may be.

Having a dumpster at your home can save you time and labor during a property clean up, construction project or regular waste. Let us show you the Waste Connections difference. Enter your location to learn about the services in your area.

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